Hip Hop Songs of the Week: June 13th - June 20th

Another week's done, and so, I show you the 5 best songs I heard this week. As always, I'm including the songs I found THIS WEEK, meaning that a song could be several years old but I didn't give it a listen until this week. With that being said, let's go:

5. Mark Battles- Wanna Live 

I've been sleeping on Mark Battles for a while but I finally gave his project Shelter Food a try and I was not disappointed. Battles is a smart MC with an amazing ear for beats. Real soulful shit here. Great track.

4. A$AP Rocky- M'$

Had to wait until this week to give the new Flacko a review. I'm not sure if I'll review the album so let's just say the album is pretty fucking good. Songs like this should give you a hint.

3. Demrick & DJ Hoppa ft. Jarren Benton, Madchild- Nobody's Safe

As you'll find out in my review, I'm in love with this album. It's sad to see it go under the radar when it has so many good tracks. This is one of them. A dope beat that screams 90's and killer verses.

2.  Dizzy Wright- Will It Last

I love these types of songs. They're the reason why I love Hip Hop. Soft, deep, and soulful. Amazing track by Dizzy.

1. Lil Dicky ft. Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan- Save That Money

This song is straight FIRE. Plus, it's funny as hell. I'm in love with this song. Matter of fact, I already pre-ordered his album ''Professional Rapper'' and you should do the same thing. My song of the week.

Disclaimer: If you're reading this in the future, some of the YouTube links might be broken. I still recommend you to go and check the songs out. I'M GIVING YOU GREAT MUSIC!

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