God, Money, War by King Los REVIEW

King Los is a master MC. One of the best new school lyricists. Even I could admit that even if I wasn't a fan. Before this album I had heard his crazy freestyle on Sway and because of it I gave his mixtape a try. While it was good, I really felt Los could do better. It was a mixtape though, so all I hoped was for Los to finally show me that he can be of the stars of the new generation. "God, Money, War" is just what King Los needed, even if it's not exactly what I wanted. Here's what I thought:

1. War
King Los clearly had something to say, and he expressed it perfectly with this song. While the beat is great, I felt that it never reached its full potential. Lyrically though, Los murdered this. 

2. Ghetto Boy
This one is a hit or miss type of track. I liked it but I did feel like it tried to do too many things and I'm not a big fan of the hook. Still, the rock mashup was very original. 

3. Black and White (Interlude)
Too short to put a score on it. Beautiful singing though.

4. God Money War
I'm in love with this track. The beat matches up with the mood and it even switches up a couple of times throughout the song.This one proves how good Los is lyrically. The way he uses words amazes me. People may compare this to a Kendrick Lamar song. While it's a fair comparison, I think that Los did his own thing making this sound like a King Los track.

5. Lil Black Boy
Beautiful messages keep coming. Loved the concept of Los talking about parenthood and how fathers should not leave young kids. Simple beat, but it was what this song needed. Los is a beast.

6. Black Blood
I had to listen to this about 10 times before making a decision. So many feelings and opinions came up. The piano chords are beautiful, even if the drums make the song sound like a pop ballad. While I wasn't a big fan of Isaiah's singing, it all came together when Los started spitting one of the realest verses in the album. Easily my favorite moment of the album: Los spitting on those piano chords. Deep, thought provoking. Great track 

7. Glory to the Lord
Good commercial song. Beat is soulful and Los sounds great, spitting good verses. While the constant: GLORY TO THE LORD chants are catchy, they're can also be pretty annoying at times. Still, not a bad track at all. 

8. Can't Fade Us
Is this the radio friendly song? No. This is the radio friendly BANGER. Beat is great. Nice drums with an amazing bassline. Love how energetic Los sounds on this. And while I liked Ty Dolla $ign's hook, I wasn't the biggest fan of his verse.

9. Blame It On the Money
This one was a bit too commercial for me. While the beat is crazy good and Los sounds like a G spitting on this, some small things (like the GO CRAZY chants on the hook) kept me from loving it.

10. To Be Honest
This is an enjoyable track, even if it didn't do much for me. I do appreciate that the commercial tracks have a soulful feel. Makes me like them more. Good song.

11. Confidence
This song is so chill. While the beat is average at best, Los saves the track with some dope, real verses about loving yourself before loving others. Enjoyed the track.

12. Slave
Probably my least favorite track. Just not a fan of the beat and I found the hook annoying. Los was spitting but I just didn't like this song.

13. Balance Is Good
Back to the real songs. Didn't love this song though. Pacing was slow and I wasn't a fan of the flows they used. Loved the concept but execution was a miss for me.

14. King
Jesus Christ, what a bassline... Dope ass outro. Los spits his ass out. Mark Battles also did his thing. Love that guy. Great ending to the album.

Verdict: this album made me a King Los fan. It started strong and it ended strong. In the middle we have a mix of amazing tracks and commercial bangers. Does this make for a perfect, cohesive album? Not at all. But it is a great group of songs.



  1. The feature on can't fade us is TY dolla $ign not Rich Homie Quan

  2. Thanks for telling me man! Error's been fixed.