E3 2015: Official Predictions

If you love videogames, you know that June is a special month. It’s our Christmas! E3 is the annually gaming conference where we get to see new games, announcements and price drops. This year, I came up with 5 predictions that I hope become true. Hit me up on Twitter and let me know some of your predictions. Now let’s get to it.

1.      Mafia 3 announced as a current gen console exclusive

While a lot of people disliked Mafia 2, I thought it was a great open world game with an amazing, emotional story. Was it perfect? No. But you could tell it was full of potential. Now, almost 5 years later, the wait for a new Mafia game might be over. 2k recently announced an unannounced AAA game will be appearing at E3. Plus, one of the voice actors of Mafia 2 tweeted this back in January. Man, I hope I get this one right...

2.      Mass Effect trilogy for current gen consoles, Mass Effect 4 teased

A new Mass Effect is in the works, as we all know. So, just like Halo and Uncharted did, I predict EA to announce a bundle of the first three games for the PlayStation 4, X1 and PC. A trilogy with improved resolution and framerate. Also, some sort of tease for the new Mass Effect.

3.      1TB PlayStation 4 Announced

Having the current gen console come with a 500GB hard drive was a mistake. Sure, they saved some money, but it came with a price (no pun intended). I mean, some of these AAA games weight 50 GB. That’s more than 10% of the total space. That’s why I believe Sony will announce a PlayStation 4 with a 1TB hard drive.

4.      Watch Dogs 2 Announced/Teased

Just like Mafia 2, Watch Dogs was a good game. It wasn’t great by any means. However, you could sense raw talent. Luckily, I believe the wait for a new Watch Dogs won’t be a long one and I predict Ubisoft giving it some kind of announcement or tease.

5.      The Last Guardian Announced as a PlayStation 4 Exclusive

Just like a story that broke a couple of days ago suggested, there’s something going on with The Last Guardian. People are working on the game and at this point, it has to be ready. You’ve probably seen this prediction for the last 7 years, but damn it, THIS HAS TO BE THE YEAR!!! My prediction is the game being announced with a release window, as a PS4 exclusive.

By: Sebastian Alvarez

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