Did Eminem Fall Off?

Eminem recently released his new single ‘’Phenomenal’’. While a lot of people liked it, that’s not the Eminem I used to idolize. The question has floated in the Hip Hop community for at least 5 years now: Did Eminem fall off? I don’t think he fell down lyrically, but something happened musically.

People usually say Em fell out in 2009 (when Relapse came out) or in 2010 (Recovery). I love Relapse, it’s one of the first psychedelic hip hop albums in the mainstream scene. He really tried to go back to his own style, full of dirty punch lines. Was it perfect? No. It was definitely a hit or miss album, but it just did it for me.

One year later, Recovery finally came out. It was Em’s big comeback to the mainstream, and he achieved it with big commercial successful songs like ‘’Love The Way You Lie’’ or ‘’Not Afraid’’. While I didn’t like half of the album, I thought the other half was fine. And that’s what has happened ever since. Every time a new Eminem record comes out, I only really like half of the songs in it. I’m okay with that.

Eminem is a legend. Think about how many people got into Hip Hop because of him. He can do whatever he wants to do. That doesn’t mean we have to enjoy every song. He already gave us a couple of classic albums. I’m fine with the new ones too. I’ll probably only like half of it, but I’ll enjoy that half. And again, Hip Hop has so many new starts you could get into and enjoy. Kendrick, Cole, Drake, Gambino, and Logic are just some of the names that come to mind. In conclusion, Em didn’t fall off. He can still demolish a track if he wants to do it. He’s just in a different space musically. And hey, someone will enjoy those commercial songs. Just not us. While it’s perfectly okay not to like the new songs, as fans of the genre and the culture we should at least respect them.

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