Bray Wyatt Deserves Top Heel Position

After losing most of his PPV matches this year (that's if he's even on the card) and having insignificant feuds with the likes of Ryback or (insert), it's clear that WWE does not see Bray Wyatt as the superstar that could be the biggest heel in the company. This is a big mistake.

Bray Wyatt is an exceptional superstar. He might not be the greatest wrestler, but he has something just as important: character. His gimmick is so good and he is (in my opinion) the best promo cutter in the business right now. Add to that his charisma and his great entrance, and you have the most interesting character I've seen in a couple of years. When Bray Wyatt is in the ring you don't see a wrestler playing bad guy, you see Bray Wyatt being himself.

Unfortunately, WWE is not treating Bray the way they should. Having him lose constantly and putting him on feuds just to keep him busy was not the right call. Bray could have been the new Undertaker. He proved he could build a feud by himself earlier this year  when he was cutting promos every week without the Undertaker in the ring. He's that good.

There's still hope. WWE could still transform Bray into the monster heel he can be. The feud he's currently on with Roman Reigns could be the start of a new era for him. But once that feud is done, they need to book him right. Make him fight big guys like Randy Orton or Rusev, or get him to elevate other talented superstars like Stardust. Point is, Bray Wyatt shouldn't be seen as a midcard superstar, when he's clearly more than that.

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