Batman: Arkham Knight REVIEW

I remember back in 2009, when I first heard of a studio called RockSteady and their game "Batman: Arkham Asylum". To be completely honest, I didn't expect much from it. Back then, most superhero games were movie adaptations and most of them were mediocre. However, I eventually played it and I was blown away. Batman: Arkham Asylum is one of my favorite games of all time. Two years later, Rocksteady did it again with "Batman: Arkham City". Taking what made the first one so great, they added an open world playground and a super interesting story. So to say that I was dying to play "Batman: Arkham Knight" would be a massive understatement. I was interested in seeing how the story would develop, how the new gadgets/mechanics would change the way I played the game and how the batmobile would feel. I'm happy to tell you that Batman: Arkham Knight is just as good as it promised to be. And a few issues aside, it's a worthy end to the Rocksteady trilogy.

Let's get the record straight, "Batman: Arkham Knight " is a super ambitious game in every imaginable way. First off, it's probably the best looking game I've ever played. Faces, weather effects, textures, cars and explosions all look amazing. All of these thing come together to create a huge, realistic looking open world. One that's ready for you to explore. That brings me to another thing this game exhales at: Arkham Knight is EXTREMELY immersive. This game makes you feel like The Batman! It's written on the cover box and Warner Bros wasn't lying. I felt like I was the one flying through the city, wondering how I would save Gotham. I finished the story in 3 days and I'm still playing it like a madman. I'm not stopping anytime soon.

The world in Arkham Knight is not really colorful. It has a lot of black and gray, making for a grimy, dark experience. This works great, because the story is supposed to be grimy and dark. I really want to talk about the story, but I don't want to spoil anything, so let's just say the trilogy ends with a BANG. The story is action packed, full of unexpected twists and turns and an overall great way to end the whole thing. Other than that, the game gives us a unique, interesting open world full of content. Hundreds of riddles to solve, tons of side missions and many easter eggs.

It's safe to say that the biggest change is the addition of the long awaited Batmobile. I feel weird saying this, but the Batmobile has some of the best the game has to offer while also having the worst. Let's get the good out of the way: I adore driving in the Batmobile. It just fits. The car is fast, it's easy enough to control and it looks amazing. I also really enjoyed the car chases. It gave me multiple epic, badass moments. The bad? Car combat. I have two problems with it. First one, it's all over the place. The game had way too many car combat combat encounters. From start to finish, Rocksteady just pushed it down our throats. That wouldn't necessarily be a problem if it wasn't for my second problem with the car combat. It's just not that much fun. The car combat sequences are probably the only time in this trilogy of games where I just wasn't having a lot of fun. They appear way too often and they're not as enjoyable as the rest of the game. While it's the only gripe I have with the game, it's a considerable one.

Verdict: Just like the other Rocksteady Batman games, Arkham Knight is a love letter to all Batman fans. You have to praise just how ambitious this game is. A new original story, amazing graphics, the batmobile, new mechanics, tons of content, etc. While most of it pans out, there are a couple of issues that keep this game from being a masterpiece. Where does this rank in the Rocksteady trilogy? It's probably my least favorite one. Funny thing is, my least favorite batman game is probably my game of the year so far. This is a must play for anyone who owns a PlayStation 4.

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